EverEdit was released!


Added: new option to hide file path on title bar(Settings, General) Added: New command to disable all custom markers (context menu->custom markers->Enable) Added: Support relative path on opening files from command line Fixed: Border line causes performance issue. (Auto update will overwrite build-in themes) Fixed: CJK font wouldn't recovered on vertical mode Fixed: Fixed DPI setting problems Fixed: Auto backup issues for remote directories Fixed: Compare bugs on some File Encodings. Improved: command line args supports working directory Improved: move cache.data to system temporary directory Improved: use exe directory as working directory on starting a plugin Improved: improved key mapping on vertical mode Improved: added more properties and functions for HexDoc Script Improved: added case sensitive for quick select (MainMenu->Search->Quick Select) Improved: Minor improvements. Syntax files: Added: Kotlin syntax Improved: Javascript/xml Script Improvements: ``` Document: void Wrap(int type); void Wrap(int type, int val); void Append(string text); string Syntax; Application: void RunTool(string toolFile) void DownloadFile(string fileName, string url, string saveTo); bool Unzip(string pathName, string unzipTo); IniFile* GetIniFile(string pathName); string md5file(string pathName); string md5(string text); string GetTempFolder() string CurDir; //get,set HexDoc: void InsertText(int nOffset, string lpText); void InsertText(string lpText); void InsertBinary(int nOffset, string lpText); void InsertBinary(string lpText); void SetCaretPos(int nOffset); void InsertChar( int ch ); void SendCommand(UINT uCommand); void Clear(); int CaretPos; string PathName; bool Dirty; int EditMode(); int Size; ```

EverEdit was released!


Fixed: Some chars were invisble at text area. Improved: Flash messages on status bar after removing blank lines Improved: Improved UIPI compatible problems on docking windows.

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