EverEdit was released!


Fixed: Column/Multiple selection issues Fixed: Wrong vertical split icon of 32x32 toolbar. Fixed: Custom tools couldn’t be saved correctly Fixed: Focus problem of goto anything window. Fixed: Some issues of markdown mode. Improved: HTML syntax highlight on matching % Improved: In goto anything window, you can hold shift or Ctrl key to open a file in new tab Improved: Some issues of addon manager.

EverEdit 4.0 was released!


## New features and improvements ADDED: Script now supports UI interface. You can use html&js to make addons with GUI. ADDED: Added column match. You can define start/end column to highlight some special syntax files. ADDED: Added [Find in Files] into menu of right mouse. (Works on Vista+) ADDED: Support image files (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, ico, gif) ADDED: [Find in Files] dialog supports [exclude] option. ADDED: Now you can define caret’s color in theme dialog IMPROVED: You can use [Tab] to expand Emmet now. Of course, you can disable it via MainMenu->Html->Emmet->Use Tab to Expand IMPROVED: Improved Ctrl+D matching IMPROVED: Improved high DPI screen support IMPROVED: Improved UI in win10 IMPROVED: If you are trying to execute a very complex action and memory is not sufficient, EverEdit will prompt a dialog to avoid crashing. IMPROVED: Improved quick comment (Ctrl+/, Ctrl+Shift+/) IMPROVED: Improved caret blink problems when recording a macro. IMPROVED: [Multiple edit point] now supports backspace operation very well now. IMPROVED: Ctrl+L now support multiple selections. IMPROVED: Improved toolbar of scrollbar. IMPROVED: Toolbars of HTML, Markdown, CSS now support 32x32. You can use this in high DPI. IMPROVED: When you are using CJK font, EverEdit will enable bold/italic style always. IMPROVED: Some bugs of [Find Prev/Find Next] IMPROVED: Added MainMenu->Document->Auto Correct Keyword. When you disable it, EverEdit will not correct keyword even you set AutoCase=True in syntax file. IMPROVED: TreeControl now support full row select. Better visual effects in Win10. IMPROVED: New setting style of Set Line Height. You can use 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 to customize line height. IMPROVED: Printing will use line height of editor area. IMPROVED: Added a new menu item. Restore word wrap after column selection. Document->Word Wrap->Restore... IMPROVED: EverEdit will auto append ext if use don’t input a valid ext (Works on Vista+) IMPROVED: When use tab key to expand a snippet and undo it, EverEdit will insert a tab char in caret position. IMPROVED: Find/Replace could remember empty selelction. IMPROVED: Improved gesture support when zoom in/out. FIXED: After cancelling full screen, word wrap might not work. FIXED: Find button of [Find in Files] couldn’t be clicked in some circumstance. FIXED: Alt+Up/Down couldn’t work very well when selected a line already. FIXED: Couldn’t select up/down in full screen FIXED: Bugs of auto backup FIXED: Splitting window couldn’t work very well in some OS FIXED: .autosave issue. FIXED: Document Tab’s width couldn’t be remembered. FIXED: Redraw issue with tag match. FIXED: Better printing support. FIXED: Some bugs of delete duplicated lines. FIXED: Some issues of INI read/write. ## Full gesture support: Single finger to slide up and down: Scroll vertically. Double fingers to slide left/left: Scroll horizontally (Need disable word wrap). Diagonal slip: Zoom in/out. ## Event support: EverEdit now support events. You can define scripts and they would be triggered after specific events. Notice: EverEdit don’t execute logical check, user should ensure their event scripts works well, for example: Event script should not close document. All event scripts should be putted into macro/__event__ folder. Currently, EverEdit supports below events: * after_close * after_load * before_save * after_safe * app_activate * app_deactivate * auto_complete * on_char * on_imechars And you can control this via MainMenu->Addons->Event. ## Script system changes: ADDED: doc.ShowCalltip(string func, string sepchar="", string endchar=""); ADDED: doc.GetAutoComplete(); ADDED: App.Alert(string str); //blink at status bar. ADDED: App.GetEventValue(int e, int s); ADDED: App.GetPersistentStringTable(string name); ADDED: App.CreateStringTable(); ADDED: App.CreateStringArray(); ADDED: App.ShowHtmlDialog(string file, int w, int h); ADDED: App.CreateObject(string name); ADDED: App.ShowInputBox(string prompt, string title, string default="") ADDED: App.WebPreview(string file, bool split=false) ADDED: doc.TopLine;//get set ADDED: App.GetPathOfDirView(); ## Plugin improvements: * HTML table and color dialog now support high DPI and they will adjust their positon very well when you dock them in the bottom. * Color dialog will retrieve selected text and parse it into a color (only supports #ff0, #ff0000)
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