The modern, most powerful, value priced text editor! Fast, lightweight, extendable, easy-to-use and both native 64-bit and 32-bit versions are available! EverEdit provides a productive environment for programmers and web authors. It also supports powerful scripts, unicode, huge files, themes, snippets and more.

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Coding is fun!

Multiple Selections

Just press Alt+F3 and rename your variables very quickly. To make multiple selections, move your mouse and press the Ctrl key after making one selection or press Ctrl+D to select words one by one!

Full Unicode Support

EverEdit supports Unicode natively, you can edit a file with most of the encodings supported in Windows. EverEdit also includes an awesome encoding detector!


Emmet is a web-developer's toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow. EverEdit fully supports emmet's functions!


EverEdit embeds a Markdown mode with a toolbar and preview functions. You can preview your markdown with the built-in web browser (Ctrl+B). EverEdit will remember and restore your last preview position.


Snippets will insert words and phrases quickly to improve your programming speed and efficiency! Press [Tab] or [Shift+Tab] to move around between edit points.

Large file Support

EverEdit uses very little memory to load huge files asynchronously and displays the current loading progress. You can move around smoothly after loading the files.

Hex Editor

EverEdit has integrated a very convenient hex and binary editor. It can open files of any size. It also includes some other features such as find, replace, result highlight and modification highlight.


The Minimap shows the lines of the active document in miniature. You can navigate the view much easier by using the minimap.

Symbol List

You can use the outline window to list all of the symbols in the current document, such as classs, functions, members, macros, etc. Jump between them by clicking on the items.

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