EverEdit was released!


ADDED: Native high dpi support (you can enable this feature via settings->general->Enable built-in high dpi support) ADDED: New variable ${CLIPBAORD} in snippets, ${CLIPBAORD} can replace the placeholder with clipboard text. FIXED: When clipboard is empty, EE might throw memory errors. FIXED: Some wrong settings of outline window FIXED: Some bugs of user custom tools and removed sort buttons in tools dialog IMPROVED: Improved bash syntax highlight IMPROVED: Improved text drawing for invisible chars IMPROVED: Goto-anything dialog will use selected text as default IMPROVED: Macro Edit window will not display spaces/tabs/EOLs IMPROVED: When you are selecting text with an anchor, [ESC] or menu command will cancel anchor and clear selection. IMPROVED: History.ini will not remember multiple lines text IMPROVED: When reload changed files with a certain encoding, EE might draw gibberish IMPROVED: When close all window in right/bottom panel, background wasn’t draw correctly. CHANGED: Removed max parse lines in performance setting page **The latest version has removed StartCom digital certification.**

EverEdit was released!


Fixed: Column/Multiple selection issues Fixed: Wrong vertical split icon of 32x32 toolbar. Fixed: Custom tools couldn’t be saved correctly Fixed: Focus problem of goto anything window. Fixed: Some issues of markdown mode. Improved: HTML syntax highlight on matching % Improved: In goto anything window, you can hold shift or Ctrl key to open a file in new tab Improved: Some issues of addon manager.

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